Friday, September 23, 2005

Up late printing

I want to listen to some of my audio lectures tomorrow, since I have some help with J. I figure I'd best print out the materials tonight in preparation. But my printer isn't the best (paper invariably gets jammed), so I have to stay up and supervise the printing process.

I am tired. There is much to print. The first handout I am printing is 44 pages long. I have three more handouts to print after it, which are 18, 28 and 26 pages respectively. That will get me current. And I'm not even halfway through the course yet. I can't believe how much paper these courses take! I do not want to kill quite that many trees (paper isn't all that cheap either), so I am printing on 2 sides (odd pages first, reload the printer, then print even pages). I'll have to save some of the printing for tomorrow. I am tired!

Too many handouts for this course.

J was really teething today. Poor little man! He just chews and chews. I gave him some Tylenol to help, but he was still hurting. He needed many cuddles today. He's lifting his head on his own now, and really trying to sit up. He's not quite there yet, but he's getting closer all the time.

The dietician from my new moms network says that we are to adjust J's age for his prematurity, and use that as the guideline for when he can start solids. Most babies can start when they're 4-6 months of age, but J should start when he's 5-7 months because he was a preemie. He is going to be 6 months old soon (man, I just can't believe that), and I think we'll start him then. The concern with waiting until he's 7 months old is that his iron stores may become depleted, and he'll need some sort of iron supplement if he's not eating infant cereal yet. I see no need to give him supplements when all he needs is a bit of iron-fortified rice cereal. So we have tentatively decided to start J on cereal on October 8, assuming he can sit up a bit better by then. H will be home from work that day to be part of the momentous event, and we'll be able to take our time and have fun with our little boy.


va1kyrie said...

Introducing solids tip: don't wait until he's hungry or he will get frustrated. Fill him up on breastmilk first and think of the cereal as desert :-)

va1kyrie said...

Oops I mean dessert LOL