Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Why do I choose to take my quizzes when I am sick/tired?

Ah well. Eventually I will learn.

I did substantially better this time around; I only missed one question. Of course, the one I missed is particularly obvious and is one of the first lines in the textbook under its relevant chapter. I feel foolish. But since I cannot change my results, I will be content with the fact that I only lost that half point, and I will move on after I complete this post and make fun of myself for a bit; I need the entertainment. (The quizzes don't count for too much, and if I get 100% on everything else, including the final exam, I could still get out of this with a 98% in the course; really, the end result is what matters.)

But I really should have known better than to try and run the quiz tonight. Last time I took a quiz, I picked an occasion when I was ill and exhausted and I didn't do as well as I would have liked. Well, tonight I did the same thing. Exactly, precisely, the same thing.

And I knew that I was doing it. I felt myself doing it. I was completely aware. But somehow, I was powerless to stop myself from exercising my blatant stupidity. I am my own worst enemy, and apparently I need better self-control. Against ... my ... self. How would that work?

My brain left the building quite some time ago; earlier, I actually had lost concentration to the point where I found myself phoning va1kyrie and then my 19-year old nephew for help with a very simple algebraic calculation that I perform at work on a daily basis every time I do an expense report. I'd figured it out several nights ago. I do this all the time. But tonight, I could remember nothing. NOTHING!!

And yet, for reasons I can't explain, I continued to study. And then, in my befuddled state of near-coma-ness (let me make up a term if I like; it describes my state of mind to a tee) I suddenly became all smug and cocky, and I thought I could do the quiz.

Now, did it matter that I hadn't completely finished the chapter that the quiz pertained to? No. And did it matter that the quiz wasn't due until mid-next week? No. Do it now, and get it over with, I say! How could that possibly be wrong?

It was.

(Actually, upon reflection, it's quite the miracle that I did so well on the thing.)

I'm not going to study anymore tonight. My head is full of cold germs, and has no room left for logic or numbers. So I will relax, snuggle my baby, and go to bed. (Now that actually does seem wise, but then again, what do I know from wise tonight?)

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