Monday, April 17, 2006

Um ... what???

I do not understand.

Don't get me wrong. I am most appreciative of your presence. And I can certainly make good use of you at any time. Especially just now. In fact, I could feel downright blessed by your mysterious appearance. But the problem is that I still don't think you are mine. Despite any and all insistence to the contrary, I continue to believe that you must belong to someone else, who is probably missing you horribly just now. It is most unfortunate, but I see no other way for your existence to be possible.

Whose are you? And how do I return you to your rightful owner? I tried to find out today, but was met only with the insistence that you must be mine. But you're not. Oh, how I'd love to keep you. But that would be wrong. And so you need to go home.

I do not understand.

Why are you there?

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Trish said...


You are, in fact mine! I can't believe it!