Saturday, April 15, 2006

I am going to cry

The question reads:

Outline a strategic plan for information systems that will meet current and future systems needs. Prioritize S&S's needs.
This question is worth roughly 1.67% of my final grade!!!

I have never even seen a strategic plan. Ever. And there isn't one in my course materials. Anywhere. And the tutor is not aware of any format that is to be followed. Whatsoever.

I have no idea where the [bleep, bleep, bleepity, bleep] I am even supposed to start with this stupid [bleep, bleep] question.


I asked the tutor for some assistance. Here is the response I received:

This part of the mid-term is looking for the student to highlight the immediate system needs for the next few months and then future needs for the next three years. For example, some immediate needs are to acquire hardware and software for the accounting and financial systems. You should also remember to point out any infrastructure requirements. An example of future need could be online ordering via a webpage, or perhaps inventory control software tied into the cash register system.

And I still have no idea if this section of my assignment is supposed to talk about systems requirements, like the hardware and software, or if I am supposed to somehow correlate this with corporate goals.

I have never been so frustrated in my life. I hate this course. I hate my tutor. And just now, I hate my provincial association, who has decided to limit my study resources while students in BC and Manitoba have access to the board I am on plus a whole other board with a completely different tutor who, I gather, is far more helpful than the one I am being stuck with.

I hate everything. And I have never before wanted to swear so much.

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Rigmor said...

Please don't go crazy because of university courses: I did that during my BA and it definately didn't do me any good.

Infrastructural requirements would, according to my understanding, deal with needs for reorganisation or change of facilities. I don't know the details of your course, but a basic example from one of my past jobs would be that it was a pain being spread across to different buildings across town and that one of the offices used Macs while the other didn't.

This might be completely off the mark, not relevant and not explaining very well. Perhaps I just shot myself in the foot and babbled on about someting irrelevant... if, however, i haven't shot myself in the foot just yet, drop me a line and I will see what I can dig out for you from my old course)