Thursday, April 13, 2006

Motivation lacking

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, J is napping, the diapers are drying, and I am in my household's office trying to study.

But the sun is shining and the birds are chirping!! And I don't wanna study!! I wanna go out and play in the sunshine!! Take me out to play!!

But I have to study. I'm behind in my course. If I don't study, I will never get caught up.

But ... But ... BIRDS!!!

Finish Module 4.6 while J sleeps. Then, when he awakes, you can go out for a short time and take him for a walk. It's not as though you can go anywhere without the baby anyway. And are you really going to wake a sleeping baby just because the sun is shining?

Or ... you could use this opportunity while J naps to grab a nice long shower and get caught up on some long-neglected television, couldn't you?

No. Work first and play later. Must prioritize. Must be motivated. Must do homework today.

Shower! TV! Sunshine! BIRDS!!



Liz said...


Memaw said...

Boo says, "Love to eat those birdies! Tasty, juicy, big fat Magpies. Yummy, Yummy in my tummy!"

Trish said...

Hehehehehehe!! Silly Boo.

Mary said...

Boo Boo!

Memaw said...

Don't worry Mary. Boo is an indoor kitty and can only dream of catching and eating birds.