Saturday, April 08, 2006

First birthday party

Yesterday, J had birthday shots. His one year shots; MMR and chicken pox. He cried, but only briefly. It was easy to soothe him after the shots were done. The nurses at the health clinic weren't concerned about his weight, but did note that he is a bit small. He's short, too. But he is developing normally, and is able to do the other things a child his age can do. They gave me a pamphlet on things to try when a child refuses meat. And they suggested we possibly speak with an occupational therapist about his whole won't-eat-unless-it's-pureed thing. We'll see how he does with it. It seems to be a texture thing with this kid; he'll eat grains just fine, but no meats, and only pureed fruits and veggies. Thankfully, he loves milk, so he's getting some protein anyway.

Last night, H and I took J to "Chuck E Cheese" to celebrate his birthday. He rode his first carousel, and he got to steer a moving car with Chuck E Cheese riding along beside him. (That sounds so much more mature than it is; it was one of those plug-a-quarter-in Supermarket-style rides, of course.) He ate parmesan breadsticks and drank apple juice from a straw. I think he enjoyed himself. I know we did.

Today was little J's first birthday party, and it was a big success. We had lots of friends and family over, and the house was quite full. The kids all played together and ate cake (chocolate and vanilla layers with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting with chocolate sprinkles, from Bee Bell Bakery). J enjoyed the little bit of cake that he ate, while sitting on my lap. We enjoyed visiting with friends. Today was a lot of fun!

J refused to nap at all today. And he was really unhappy about the whole cake, candles, singing "Happy Birthday", thing. He screamed and cried through the entire Happy Birthday song, and then needed immediate comforting. Photographic evidence will be forthcoming. Gemma tried valiantly to make J happy. She offered him his soother and his sippy of milk. She's a good little friend to J.

More folks actually came than we had anticipated, which was a really nice surprise. We live pretty far away from many of our friends, but they found their way, sometimes phoning for directions on the way. We nearly ran out of food once, and H went out to get more. Cake was dropped on the carpet, frosting side down. Oddly, this was not one of the children; H dropped the cake while cutting it. But it doesn't matter. What's a little frosting? Worse things will happen to the carpet; we have a child!

I was really happy that so many people made it over to celebrate our little boy's birthday with us. It was great to see all of you. Thanks, guys! You all rock!!

It was a really busy day here, preparing for the party and all. We are all very sleepy now. J is out cold, and I think it is time to go join him.


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Draya's Mom said...

My friend E's little guy A has the same food texutre issue. He's youger than J but only by a few months. He eats cherios, puffed wheat & mum mums but anything else solid makes him gag till he tosses his cookies. You 2 should chat/commiserate.
It was very nice party by the way! Thanks for having us. Happy Birthday J!