Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stressed and overwhelmed

I have to get the house ready for J's birthday party on Saturday. It needs to be cleaned and organized. We need to get the cake ready, pick up some party favors and a present or two, decorate, and make some food. Right. Okay. At this point, activity ideas for J's party include dust drawings, junkmail origami, and sock bundling. Um ... no ...

On Friday, J gets his 1-year shots and is likely to be grumpy afterwards. This will obviously not buy me more time.

Then there's school. I need to finish module 3 and get a start on module 4 before Saturday. And I should finish module 4 by Monday, so that I can submit my quiz on time and start the midterm assignment.

And as if that weren't enough for anyone to handle, we have family stuff going on too. Duties that can't be shirked. So other things must be shirked while we handle the important family issues.

Not that everything else isn't important too, you understand. But there just isn't time for everything.

H works every day this week, and J is starting to refuse naps. So my time is rather limited. I don't quite know how to manage all of this.

I need a miracle. A miracle, and a maid.

A clone might be good too.

Is it any wonder my mood is ... questionable today?

On another note: Have you ever seen "Jurassic Park"? You know that sound the Velociraptor makes just before it attacks you and eats your liver? The terrifying, piercing squeal of death and dismemberment? Right. J discovered that sound today. My ears hurt.

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