Friday, April 14, 2006

Stuff J does now

J waves bye-bye now. He seems quite proud of himself. He can also do the "high-five" if prompted. And he loves playing peek-a-boo and patty-cake.

Sometimes, J will get into a bad mood. He will sit and cry. But if I join in, imitate him, and pretend to sob, he usually starts to laugh. This is good. It means I can sometimes cheer him up with relatively little effort.

J is getting increasingly more mobile. He hasn't tried the stairs again. But he has started performing a fairly crazy antic. He'll hold onto the furniture and walk until he has reached the end. Then, he'll look for something nearby that he can grab. Once he spots it, he will wind up and, flinging both arms up over his head, he'll spin madly around on one foot and lunge for the new object. Then he will continue to walk about. He usually makes it.

On the subject of mobility, we are reaching a place where J's current highchair won't do any longer. We may need to find one with a 5-point harness. J can nearly wriggle completely out of the highchair straps of the 3-point harness.

He still has only 4 teeth. He has them brushed regularly. He enjoys having his teeth brushed. Not that there's ever a lot of food there to be concerned about, as he hasn't moved much on that issue. He still doesn't want to eat anything with texture unless it is grains. I hope this will come soon. I'd love to give him table foods.

He loves all grains (cereal, Cheerios, bread, baby cookies, crackers, etc.), and also homo milk and Minigos. And he will tolerate fruits and vegetables as long as they are pureed. He is starting to be able to handle small portions of meats, but he can't take very much without getting sick.

He has finally noticed his teddy bear hammock. I'll change him, and he'll lie on his changetable, point up at his bears, and say "Baa ... Baa ..." I don't know if he is just making noise or if he is trying to say "Bear". I lean towards just making noise. He's not really wanting to try for many words yet, and he still can't even say "Dada". H really hopes to hear J say "Dada" soon.

(On a different note, my spell check suggests a suitable replacement for "highchair" would be "hijacker". As for "changetable", apparently "constable" is a better word. I respectfully disagree on both counts. This is my blog, and not an episode of "Cops", after all.)

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L & P said...

*musical interlude*
Bad J, Bad J, what ya gonna do?
What ya gonna do when they try to feed you?