Monday, April 24, 2006

How children assist with housework

Last night, J decided to push the VCR off the TV stand. He and the VCR remain undamaged.

Today, J decided that he needed to play in the kitchen instead of the living room. I showed him the tupperware cupboard, and he was amused briefly. But soon, he decided that both the oven and the cat dishes were far more interesting. I had to stick him in the crib just to keep him away from all the things he shouldn't touch. He just doesn't listen for some reason. Oh; that's right. He's a baby and has no idea what I'm saying.

He naps now.

I have taken the opportunity to: move the TV and its components against the wall where it is less dangerous, clean and tidy the living room, wash the kitchen floor, and refill the tupperware cupboard. I have moved the cheese grater into a spot where J can't reach it. Not sure what to do about the cat dishes yet, but I'll work on a solution shortly.

Children are most helpful when it comes to housework. They leave you with no alternative but to attend to it.


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