Thursday, April 20, 2006

Schedule blues

I go back to work in ... what is it ... just over a week now. The countdown has begun in earnest. There is still too much to do before I go back. Sheer panic is setting in.

I have to reserve my parking spot in our wonderful downtown core. I have an issue with the concept of paying through the nose to reserve a chunk of gravel downtown, but that's what you've got to do when you live in suburbia and the bus system to the downtown core is ... less than ideal. So I must pay the evil parking company a portion of my hard earned money, so that I can work ... to earn my hard earned money.

Shut up.

I have to buy shoes. Or fix my old ones. I'm not sure which option will be best and/or more economical. I'll look into that later.

I have to get my hair cut. The situation is becoming desperate.

I have picked up one of the two extra carseats that we will require. (I got it at most-evil Walmart. HAHAHAHAHA! Evil laughter doesn't translate well on-line.)

I have purchased some work clothes. Not from Walmart. Not even I could bring myself to commit such an offence just to save a couple of bucks. No, no. I went to Winners for that particular shopping expedition. Good deals. But everything I put on still makes me look pregnant.


I still need to buy a few more work clothes, just so I don't end up in the same pair of pants all week long. I mean, what if I spill something? I'm not known for my grace, y'know.

I took J to the doctor yesterday. He weighed in at 19 pounds, and is back in the charts for weight. Though on the very low end. While fully clothed, and with a full diaper and a tummy full of milk. Apparently, though, he is not on the charts for height. What they imagine I can do to somehow make him taller is beyond me. I could put him on a teeny-weeny little rack, I suppose, but I suspect someone would phone child services.

He's short. Live with it.

I have to get J's bloodwork redone, just to check on his thyroid and iron levels and make sure they are improving.

I have to get stuff sorted out with childcare. Nothing too major, but I just have to take some stuff over to get him nicely settled in.

I have to schedule a play date with Memaw, and coffee dates with a couple of friends. And I have to get into an old work place to see folks once more.

Note to self: Pick up cat food.

I know there is more. I can't think what it is now.

I have to study, and get my midterm ready for submission.

I hate my midterm.

This week, I discovered that I do not leave the confines of my house enough. Apparently, an old friend has lived in my community for over a year. Not just in my community, but on my block. On my street. Four houses away. And I found out last night when I ran into another old friend and she told me. I felt ashamed of myself for not realizing this sooner. I'll have to get over and see her.

If I ever leave the house, bound for someplace other than work, studies, or a soothing car ride for J. Which habit is incidentally draining my bank account; gas is too costly for J to insist on evening car rides any longer. But he does, and we must comply. J doesn't care about our finances.

I have to get out more. Y'know. In my spare time.


chelsyliz said...

I am on the opposite side of the spectrum...i am leaving on maternity leave in a couple short weeks and stressing i wont be ready!

good luck on your return!

Trish said...

Ah yes. Getting ready for leave is also very stressful. But try not to stress too much. You should be enjoying this time as you prepare for your new addition.

Best of luck! Enjoy your mat leave.