Thursday, April 06, 2006

How much can I get for this kidney?

Oh ... crap.

Stuff we can sell:

  1. Old flute in need of some minor repair
  2. Living room suite that I assume Nez doesn't want
  3. Mahogany computer desk designed for a Mac
  4. Oval kitchen table (no chairs)
  5. I assume there is more ... probably a couple of bookshelves and a coffee table & end table set ... and maybe a guitar case ... we have to clear out our basement and assess the situation further
Note to self: file tax return and hope for $$ back.


Rigmor said...

I would love the flute!

Unfortunately i think shipping would damage it more.

Trish said...

I would gladly send you the flute. But you're right; shipping would be bad for it. It's in rough enough shape already, missing a couple of pads and such. Extra dents would not improve its sound.