Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Today, we went to church as a family. My sister sang in the choir. It was a beautiful service. Except that the minister, as usual, decided to try and steal the show at the end and beat the congregation about the head with the Easter message, which was already delivered quite effectively by the choir and actors on stage. (He kind of ruined the service, actually. He must be stopped!)

J was really well behaved. He insisted on being held by H, myself, Grandma, and Grannie at different times. He ate his Mum Mum cookies and drank his milk. And he sang along with the choir. He did not cry, but just sat in each of our laps and chatted. What a good baby! (Weird, huh?)

I have studied a bit today, though not a great deal. But I'm still working on it. I've been interrupted by two things:

  1. Making Easter Broccoli for 15 adults and 3 children for our family dinner tonight (Ugh!); and
  2. J's new toy!!
One of H's coworkers gave J a toy that her children have outgrown. It is a big round piano with multi-colored keys that light up, and a touch-sensitive mat that sits on the floor. It can be set at two different levels, so it is good for children who prefer to sit or to stand. There is a slider to one side, and a large red monkey in blue running shoes that sits on top of the whole contraption (on what appears to be a drum that lights up, in fact). The monkey dances about while "If You're Happy And You Know It" plays. With a salsa beat. At two different volume levels. It is obviously set to "low". And will remain there.

It's really cute! And of course, J loves it.

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