Friday, April 21, 2006

Baby why you scream so long?

Let me begin by saying that the "New This Week" section has been updated. Old pictures. I'll get them all up eventually, I hope.

Anyway ...

Today, I have to pick up a schedule from the daycare so that we can work to get J onto some kind of similar-ish schedule before he goes there. That way, I hope to minimize his stress. My stress is irrelevant at this point. (What if he likes them better than me?)

Today, I also have to pick up a flat of cat food. This is not an easy thing to do with a baby in tow. It's not as though you can just leave the baby in the car, and so outings to run errands become a huge ordeal. (Of course, I wouldn't leave the keys in the car or anything like that. But still.)

And today, I have to get down to the parking company to arrange payment for my parking spot. Then next week, I have to go back and actually pick up the parking pass, because they won't release it until the week before parking takes effect. (It may just be a patch of gravel and mud, but it's my patch of gravel and mud, and I will learn to love it.)

Wait. Why do I have to do this today? Why can't I do this next week, and save myself a trip? Yes, that makes more sense. I will arrange my parking next week. I have phoned the parking company and checked, and that is acceptable to them.

Today, I have to get more studying done. (Blasted midterm!)

I had an appointment this afternoon to discuss a potential weight loss system. But I will need to cancel it, because I just don't have time for it.

Not today.

J slept pretty well last night, though he fought sleep and insisted on being cuddled down. He doesn't nap so well these days. And he woke up pretty early this morning. Not too early, though. He'll be getting up earlier than that pretty soon, in fact. I'll work on putting that in his schedule next week. Much as I hate to wake a sleeping baby, it will soon be absolutely necessary. I will do it.

He's working on more teeth. He has a very bad diaper rash. He clearly has some pain going on. And in my heart, I know that this is why he is so grumpy. But the screaming ... ooooooh, the screaming ...

I will not miss the screaming. (I don't think so, anyway.)

If I keep myself very, very busy, I will not have much time left to panic and feel sad and scared about returning to work and leaving my baby. Understand?

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