Tuesday, November 01, 2005

J wants to throw my keyboard across the room

J writes (urgently):

c v x .m bbbbb b n u7gughn7yt vbv t xc u mn kvvvvvvvvv hm uvknvb rgtqa`t6xsazxdsd4s gggbccf7tfCH0jkjmnuy0kkkkkml gol;/ljl n 06yfg,,,.'n cvv m,mh m i8hbi n t uvyjb bn gh jyyyyyyuj f xxxxxxxxx x cvv6c q ;bkj u kijn


Andraya said...

KM l` 333SVCJ
kil 7km mm, m,m,kjm,lk,l ,kl;l...; ,,,,,,,,,,jjk
\;-/.olkbgvikujik7k olp M CFJM*****
c b ,ml*****[;s['ol

theatre_mommy said...

And some of that was with her feet! :)

Dottie P. said...

Sometimes when I'm really tired or irritated I try to type with my head. Does that count?

I would give you an example, but I'm at the office.

Trish said...

And you feel someone might object to your typing with your head at the office? I should think they would be thrilled to have such a talented employee at their disposal!

Dottie P. said...