Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wussie Mommy

J is, IMO, too darned big for his bassinet. The bassinet is suitable for babies up to 3 months or 15 lbs, and they have to be moved from it when they can roll over or sit up. He is well over 3 months now, though not yet 15 lbs (I went with that as a measure, as he was a preemie, so 3 months seemed a less useful measure). And, while he can't quite roll over by himself yet, he is getting so very close that I am nervous for his safety in the bassinet. So it is time to move him to his crib.

But he is just so tiny, and I have gotten so used to having him near me at night. Besides, he hates his crib (although once I lined the bottom of it with a big flannel receiving blanket, he adjusted a bit better). H and I (mostly I, to be perfectly honest) decided that a gradual transition from bassinet to crib may be in order.

So we took J's crib apart tonight and moved it out of his bedroom and into our own. This way, we get to keep him near to us while still putting him in the bigger bed. We think he'll adjust a bit better this way. And it's also less traumatic for the very wimpy wussie mommy that I appear to be just now. Just the thought of J sleeping in his own room and not being right near me at night made me weepy. (How pathetic am I?)

Once the mattress needs to be lowered in the crib, probably in another couple of months, we will move J into his own bedroom and see how he (and I) cope with that. I just really love having him nearby!

It's a really good thing we have such a large bedroom.

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