Wednesday, August 03, 2005

J's Weight and Hearing Issues

I took J in for his 4 month shots today. He's a whopping 12 lbs now!

J was all cheerful today, until those shots happened. Then he cried, of course. I don't blame the little tyke. He's on Tylenol now, 'cause he's rather out of sorts, and I assume he's probably got some pain at the injection site. I hope he feels better really soon.

Poor little man!

The nurses expressed concern about his hearing. There was a note in the file from his 2 month shots that said they weren't able to wake him with sound. Today, he was awake, but he didn't react to noise. They shook bells over his head, and I snapped my fingers behind him. He didn't react at all to either thing.

I am scared. I'm glad he has his hearing test on Monday. Hopefully we will get some answers at that time.

As for me and my state of mind today, I can't even remember names, today's date ... nothing. I may be anemic again. So I have to get some bloodwork to see how I'm doing. I doubt I'm anemic; I'm not sleeping well, and when I get anemic, you can't wake me up at all. The insomnia is probably what's doing me in. That and the worry about J's hearing.


Anonymous said...

Wow! He's quickly catching up to Andraya! She was only 12lbs 10oz today at the doctors. Way to go little man!


Trish said...

I know! Where did my little tiny baby go?