Friday, August 12, 2005


I am pondering - why?

For example, why am I, today, in my late 30s? This does not seem fair to me. I remember being much younger and more active, able to stay up later, able to do more. And I could have sworn it was recently. And yet, suddenly, I find myself 36 years old, with no idea of how I got there. I will not take well to 40; I can see it now.

This aging issue is, of course, somewhat eased by the fact that I still periodically get ID'd - usually at the Fringe beer tents. Silliness, I say - I may not look 36, but I certainly do not look 17 either. Still, it is flattering when it happens. It is rarer and rarer these days, mind you. Sigh! I have always looked younger than my years. I remember when being told that I look younger than my years was insulting; how perspectives change.

In any event, having another birthday is far better than any other option that I can see. But nonetheless, I am not particularly impressed with aging.

I refuse to age gracefully! And to that end, I have decided that, from this point forward, I will age in reverse. Next year, I look forward to turning 35. Again.

Yes yes.


Dottie P. said...

I think you (and I, and Paul--who once hugged a Fringe volunteer when she asked for his ID) get asked for ID so that they can weed out known rabble rousers and keep the beer tents relatively peaceful. So, it's not particularly a comment on how old or young you look, but whether or not you look like you could raise a little hell. Whether or not you have issues with that is your own business. ;)

Now, on your next birthday, if you're turning 35 again, am I supposed to wish you a happy birthday or a happy belated birthday?

Trish said...

Once again, none of us look our ages, but nor do any of us look 17. I also don't really think any of us look like rabble rousers. We are all more the type to walk into the tent, grab a beverage, sit quietly, and read. I think our appearances reflect that quiet intelligence.

But what do I know?

And you can wish a happy birthday. It is an actual birthday - it just goes backwards. Until I hit 31 (that was where the birthday curse ended); then it moves back up.

It will go: 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 35 .... Yes yes.