Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hypnotizin' Baby

You are getting sleepy ... sleeeeepppyyyy.
Your eyes are getting heavy ... heeeeaaaavvvvyyy.
You cannot keep them open.

You are no longer a baby.
You are ... a turnip.

And do you know what turnips do?
They SLEEP!!

J is having a rough couple of days. He has been refusing naps. He's been refusing to eat much, and he's been really grumpy. Today, va1kyrie and theatre mommy are taking their little tykes to the pool. We were invited, but J is just so grumpy that we can't possibly go. I feel cheated. I want to go out!! But he just won't cooperate, so I can't go. The outing with the sobbing baby would not be any fun.

It's probably just as well; I have a sore throat and some swollen glands going on today. Just getting over an ear infection, and now seem to be coming down with a cold. Shouldn't get anyone else sick, I guess. I don't know if I'm contagious or not. I think I can fight this thing off, but I should probably stay close to home until I manage it.

I thought perhaps J was grumpy because maybe he's teething. I figured I'd give him some Tylenol. If he was in pain, it would help; if not, one dose really wouldn't hurt anything. I put the sobbing baby in his bassinet, and he cried and cried. Then I gave him the dose of Tylenol. He lapped it up quite happily - then immediately (IMMEDIATELY) settled down and fell asleep.

Tylenol doesn't work that fast. I theorize that he just wanted the grape flavor. I don't know.

Anyway, he's finally asleep. I hope for a better day than yesterday.



va1kyrie said...

We missed you at the pool. Don't worry, we will go again soon.

Don't let J being fussy keep you from going out. Sometimes if you go out then you feel better and he picks up on that and he feels better too.

Good advice, but you don't have to take it. LOL

Holly said...

va1kyrie's suggestion is worth a try - sometimes an outing, or even just the ride in the car will calm the little one down.

We had a fan (a very loud fan!)in the bathroom of our old house. When Evan was a baby, I used to take him in there when he was fussing and turn the fan on. We're convinced that the sound of the fan imitated the hum of being in the car, and that is what calmed him down!