Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I Have a Soul (or so they tell me)

Soul ranger
You scored 16 soulful!

You are loving life and everything in it.
Doing anything is not just a new thing, but it is a life affirming experience that brings even more depth to your mindset on every occurrence.

You can talk the talk and walk the walk, philosopically speaking.

Your friends probably come to you for advice and insight into things that they haven't got yet. Most of them probably think you are a bit weird, but like your company nonetheless. You don't see your friends in the same light as yourself, except for maybe the odd one or two who know exactly where you are coming from and are probably on the same par as you.

Just don't let all this go to your head and become a spirital wanker who puts 'Blessed Be' at the end of your emails or tells everyone that they're a druid.

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The Do you have a soul Test

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