Friday, August 26, 2005


H, J and I all went off to Fringe last night. The intent was to walk through the grounds and mingle a bit, just as we always do with J. Can't see indoor shows with a baby, but can mingle with our friends - outside of the beer tents (J is a minor, you know).

Anyway, as we arrived at the grounds, we heard a wonderful sound. An acapella group doing their sound check and starting their show. And I said "Is that Kow?" Sure enough, it was. So we decided to stay and watch Apokalypse Kow do their thang. We had seen our friends, the Wombats, already this Fringe, but we really wanted to see Kow also. They're quite astounding and, as a perk, our pal, Ninja Stan, is part of the group.

We really enjoyed the show (despite my sudden shriek of terror when a dragonfly the size of a small bat nearly flew into my hair; it was a very loud bug and, to be frank, I had no idea what it was since it snuck up on me. Also, wasps are really bad this year). But Kow was fantastic, as always. I love their melding of Green Day with Pachelbel's Canon in D, but as always, their entire show was brilliant, and I was happy to have seen them perform.

Here is a picture of J in his Baby Bjorn, enjoying his very first Kow performance!

Yes, they are a very relaxing group. They should come over regularly and sing lullabies to J.

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theatre_mommy said...

They put Andraya to sleep too. But it's a GOOD thing to be able to lull small children - right? :)