Friday, August 05, 2005

Suggestions Appreciated

We've talked to the kid. We've talked to the kid's mother. The police have been called. Still it continues.

How do we get the stupid, undisciplined, brat of a 17-year old kid across the street and two bleeding doors away to turn down his bleeping stereo and keep the fool thing at a decent level? I can hear it in my own home, with my doors and windows shut and my TV on. Today, it woke up J from his nap, it was so loud. I phone the police, but they are usually busy with more pressing stuff and they can't catch him at it. They talked to him once and showed him what an acceptable level would be, but he turned it back up after they left.

I swear, if his mother were a capable parent, we wouldn't be having this problem. But she is evidently completely incompetent as a mother, and she can't control any aspect of her child's behavior whatsoever. (Woman, if you're reading this and you think I'm insulting you, well do something to change my perception of you, 'cause clearly everything I'm saying here is true.)

So I'm taking suggestions. They can be serious or comedic. How do I get that stereo turned down?????


Dottie P. said...

Nana Miskouri, played at the same level.

Seriously, I once had apartment neighbours who played heavy metal music that vibrated through my walls. I got back at them by playing some Mozart opera on my little boom box, at full volume, facing the shared wall while I went out, returning only to flip/change tapes.

Are any of the neighbours ticked off about this kid as well? Perhaps you could form a posse?

There is a service that offers community mediation. Perhaps calling the city might get you somewhere.

Trish said...

The police came out again. They talked to the mom. She again stated that she's open to discussing it with us (not that it ever gets us anywhere, but you know).

The police said that it's up to us - we can talk to the mom again, or we can just call again if it happens. They'll take "the appropriate action" next time.

I hate this.

mejonesutarzan said...

Hm. Tough.
Yeah, I have to say, the Nana Mouskouri might not be the worst idea. Or something you guys enjoy that a teenager would despise played at top volume, just for an hour. The risk would be in stopping to the same level I guess. Perhaps if the mother and kid were compelled to understand that such irritations reduce a property value and put other families at risk for loss. A letter from the city to them might indeed to some good. could inform them very diplomatically, even kindly that you feel you will soon have no other choice but to hire a lawyer - as a bluff, pretty much, but deliver it in such a way that it will feel like a done deal that's neither negotiable or personal. Seems like it's proving pointless to ask these cops to be smarter than you. And well, hey, you do have a little guy right now for for who's hearing you are perfectly legitimately concerned. So you'd technically within your rights to involve a have sought other options, and they haven't worked. A lot of people would just do that automatically these days.
Barring a damn good bluff, ear plugs for the worst bits? Might as well reduce the irritation of it as much as possible if it must be borne.

Teemagers. Seems like some kids get *just* enough inconsistency in their parenting to be hopelessly incorrgible until it starts biting them in the ass as adults. The woman doesn't sound like a complete dolt to me. Sigh. It can be a really fine line these days, with so many distractions for a parent to combat. But yep, it has to be consistent, and fair, and meant in order to work.
Hope the situation improves soon. :)