Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pics to Share

We picked up J's pics from Sears the other night. We think they are really cute; they will get distributed to family and friends in short order. In the meantime, we also bought a picture disk. So this means we can post his Sears shots for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy, dang it!

Of course, I feel rather taken in by the whole Sears group now. When we got there to pick up our photos, they had printed off three extra shots ("...usually $20 each, but today, we will give them to you for $20 for all three!") Anyway, like a total gomer, I took the bait and handed over my money - that I don't have. I'll be prepared next time, and JUST SAY NO!!!


Maple_Mom said...

Walmart does that too... you get there and they have 2 extra 3x5's of each pose that you ordered... for $22.

I still stand by Superstore! Maybe they'll get cracking and bring a photo studio to Edmonton soon... the ones here are AMAZING!!!


Trish said...

Yes, that figures. I can't believe we were so naive as to not prepare ourselves for it. But we didn't, so we will know for next time.

What we wound up with were two 8x10s and a wallet size. I really wanted one of the 8x10 shots they had done up, but could easily have foregone the other two. But that didn't make a great deal of sense to me at the time. Why not? Well, because I was caught offguard.

I won't let it happen again.


mejonesutarzan said...

YAY He's changed SO much since I first saw him just a couple of months ago! Too cool. Such an awesome little dude. He looks to be a thinker in the making.

I wouldn't feel too bad about getting a little carried away with that extra few photos. It's scammy of them to do that, for sure, but hey. He's only wee once. You never know how you'll use these things later... :)