Thursday, August 25, 2005

Crib, Antics, and Family News

J has been successfully moved into his crib. He is at the foot of our bed, and he seems to really like his new, larger sleep space and the fact that he can play with toys until he falls asleep. (Then we conscientiously move the toys away, but he doesn't know that.)

The night before last was his first full night in the crib. I cried. I cried because he's now at the foot of the bed instead of right beside me, and I miss him. I cried because I can no longer just reach over and comfort him when he stirs in the night. I cried because when he was in the bassinet and he woke up for play time, he would kick his little feet over the top of the bassinet high enough for me to see them, and now he is in a deeper bed where I can't see his little feet kicking in the morning. But mostly, I cried just because he is too big for his bassinet and I don't quite get what happened to the tiny little baby I brought home from the hospital. I love our bigger baby too, but I really do miss his tinyness. It will only get worse as he grows.

H keeps telling people that "we will move him into his own room in about a month", but I disagree. I want to keep him close for as long as I can. (Have you ever noticed that "Mother" and "Smother" are really similar words? I must be careful not to smother my child with loving.)

On another note, J is now quite a grabby baby. He can grab all kinds of things now. I have some pictures of him from around mid-end June where he had started holding things in his little hand; he was playing with his soother, waving it about (I'll try to post those pics in the June archives a bit later today). But he is now able to grab many more things and hold on for far longer. He can pull out his soother and then put it back in his mouth on his own. He can hold the little plastic rings my brother and sister-in-law so graciously allowed us to keep for him (they are his favorite toy), and he brings them to his mouth and chews on them. Everything is a toy to J!

So it came as no real surprise when, a couple of nights ago during a diaper change, he reached down and pulled off his peepee teepee (a little triangle of fabric that prevents him from peeing all over us during diaper changes). What was unusual, however, was his effort to then put it on his head and wear it like a hat. He got it as far as the middle of his forehead, and then just left it there. It was quite comical.

Very happy news. H's brother, C, and C's girlfriend, L, are officially engaged now! C proposed to L at the Fringe. She has a lovely ring, and they are getting married January 1. H gets to be the best man. We could not be happier! C and L make just an absolutely amazing couple. It's so wonderful that they are going to get married and spend their lives together. They are both such sweet, dear people, and they deserve such tremendous happiness.

It is wonderful!

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