Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Meemaw back from Orlando

J's Meemaw (she's a surrogate grandma to him) came by for a visit today. She's been in Orlando, and she brought back some cute things for J. She brought him a t-shirt and a hat. Of course, his head is so tiny the hat won't fit for awhile, but it will fit eventually. The shirt should work now, though.

She also brought him a stuffed Mickey Mouse (which is adorable), and a set of Mickey Mouse ears on a headband. They have the wizard hat in the middle. They'll fit him for years to come. But, as you can see, they are a bit big for him just now!

J's Meemaw seemed to enjoy holding him. He was all smiles and coos for a little while. But then he decided it was nap time, and nothing else would do. He's been sleeping for a little while now. He is such a precious little angel!


Dottie P. said...

Love the ears--he looks cutely hilarious.

Trish said...

Thanks, dottie p. We think so too.