Saturday, July 23, 2005

Who Am I?

I took the Personality Defect Test. I got it from human_loser.

I believe I am either the "Spiteful Loner" or the "Robot". I can't decide if I am more gentle than brutal or the other way around. I do know that when I actually take the test, I end up in the 42-58% region on all points, except that I am decidedly introverted. So I can fall into any category that is introverted. And clearly I do, since if I take the test a second time with exactly the same answers, I will fall into a different category than I did the first time!

Initially, the test said I was the "Bitch-Slap", but that can't be right. I am more rational than intuitive. FAR more rational than intuitive. A second run said "Robot", and a third pegged me as a "Spiteful Loner".

(I know - trust me to check the test out to see if the same results display each time, huh?)

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