Thursday, July 28, 2005

My book came! My book came!!

Did I mention that MY BOOK CAME?!!!

"Never Talk to Strangers", my favorite book as a child, is out of print, so I couldn't get a new copy for J. Mine fell apart long ago, so I couldn't hand my old copy down to him either. But I found a very good copy at a used bookstore, and I ordered it over the weekend. It is a hardcover version, in really nice shape, with the same illustration work mine had when I was a kid. And it only cost $2.44! (Now, with shipping and GST, it actually came out to around $10 - but still!) And it came today!! (I am so excited by this, I could just pee - well, not quite, but you get the drift.)

Anyway, if anyone is looking for any used books, I would highly recommend performing a search on this site. Works like a charm!

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