Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lots Done Today

H had a day off today. He works Saturday to make up for it. We had lots to do, and completed most of it.

After breakfast, we took J to visit one of H's co-workers who had not yet met our sweet little boy. Then photocopied and dropped off a claim form for our benefits. Picked up cat food, then came home for a bit. Had lunch, etc.

Back out: applied for J's SIN# (and found out I forgot to change mine to married name - whoops! I'll take care of that). Then went to the Organics store to pick up Lime Mate air freshener. (Smells wonderful! And great for diaper pails too.) Then book shopping. ("Never Talk To Strangers" is out of print. Bummer!) And then we went to buy fruits and veggies for dinner. Great fruit stand!

Came home. Made dinner (lemon salmon with dill sauce - a favorite). Ate and cleaned up. Dug up dead sandcherry from front yard and returned it for full credit. Found out my other dead shrub with the rabbit damage died from winter weather rather than the rabbit, and can also be returned for full credit. (YAY! $60 back to me!) Went for a drive to explore and unwind. Came home. Took to keyboard and ranted at some homophobes. (I truly don't know what's wrong with them; they annoy me.)

Still need to do cover letter for H. There's a position open in a different department at his work that he wants to apply for. Sounds cool. Feeding J now, so will get this done soon.

Busy, busy.

On another note: During a diaper change, J grabbed his spit-up cloth. When he was lifted from the change table, he draped it over his head so he looked like Lawrence of Arabia. Very cute!

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