Sunday, July 17, 2005


I saw a Corona beer commercial tonight, and was reminded of a funny story from years ago.

My brother's best friend, M, was doing the poor-man's tour of Europe, staying in hostels. One day, while in France, he stayed out too late. He arrived back at the hostel to find that they had given his bed to someone else and all of his belongings were out in the street. Unable to find another hostel and without enough money to get a hotel room, he set out to try and find a place to sleep for the night. Not wishing to carry the heavy bag with all of his belongings around with him, he first put on all of his clothing, in layers.

After awhile, he found himself down by the river, and he found a nice secluded spot on a beach. Knowing that he had a watch with an alarm and would awake early enough to vacate the beach and return to the hostel in time to get a room, he went to sleep.

The next morning, he awoke at 11:00 a.m., to the realization that his alarm was broken and that he was the only person wearing three pairs of pants, five shirts, etc., etc., ... on a nude beach. All of the naked people were staring at him as though he were some sort of idiot. He slinked away.

The remainder of his trip was uneventful, and the only thing he left in Europe was his dignity.

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