Wednesday, July 06, 2005

So when do I get to retire?

Today, at long last, I received in the mail my summer edition of my Lifestyles 55+ magazine. (I received my spring edition some time ago, but it's horribly out of date now.) The magazine contains all sorts of useful tidbits, such as ways to use my CPP payments and retirement communities where I may live so as to still be near my grandchildren. All of this is particularly useful when you consider that I turned 37 this year and have a newborn son. I highly doubt J will be giving me any grandchildren for at least a couple of years yet. (I dearly hope not, in any event.)

How did I end up on this mailing list anyway? Whose idea of a sick joke is that?

(Sidebar - The following comments were received:)

from va1kyrie: "We're on our way to "Freedom 45." That's when our house will be paid off. (me dancing a little jig)")

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