Tuesday, July 26, 2005

J's New Pedi

I took J to his new pedi yesterday. I must say, I think he's much more thorough than the previous pedi. I quite liked him. And so far, I trust him. (Thank you, theatre mommy, for the recommendation. Good on ya!)

J is not to start solids until he is 6 months of age. And the pedi was happy to know that J's tongue-tie was released, and admitted that it would have caused feeding difficulties. They adjusted him for his prematurity, and he is now in the 20th percentile (I believe that was what the pedi said - either 15th or 20th, but I think it was 20th) for both height and weight. He is still in the 5th percentile for head circumference though, but that doesn't mean too much. He just has a little head. He is a whopping 10 lbs 14 oz now! Woo hoo!! He's still considered a bit small, but nowhere near as bad.The new pedi advised that we should turn J in the bassinet so he faces the opposite direction for the next couple of weeks, and then rotate him back and forth - one week in one direction and the next week in the other direction. J likes to look to the right, and he's developing a slightly flat spot on one side of his head as a result, so we'll want to correct it by encouraging him to look left while he's lying down sometimes.

And our little man also needs to go for a hearing assessment, since he does not startle to loud sounds. I mentioned it, and the doc did a check and concurred; J doesn't look for the source of the noise and really doesn't react at all. We will hope for the best. (And we will hope for an early appointment so we get early answers.)

In any event, J had a rough night last night and barely slept. I am tired. (Yaaaawwwwwwn.) I hope for a nap this afternoon, but just now he is still fussing so I can't do that yet. During his morning nap (assuming he ever takes it - doesn't look likely as it's already almost 11:30) I need to fold laundry. Lots and lots of laundry!

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