Friday, July 08, 2005


Judging from the poor response to my entry about my Lifestyles 55+ magazine, it appears I have very few friends. Whoever will I take to Smitty's with my seniors coupons? And to whom will I give my second free package of Ben Gay? I hobbled all the way to the drugstore to get it. Young whippersnapper behind the counter was no help. I shook my cane at him.

(Sidebar - the following comments were received:)

from human_loser: "sorry, dude, I just don't talk to old people. You guys freak me out."

response from H to loser: "I shake my cane at you."

from va1kyrie: "I understand that your short-term memory is failing, but I responded to your seniority. Mockingly, I admit, but I did respond. I guess I'm the one who gets treated to Smitty's. Hooray!"

response from H to va1kyrie: "You are correct. Smitty's it is. (You may also have the free Ben Gay. And a cane to shake - unless you prefer a walker; I have both.)"

from dottie_parker: "Personally, I prefer an electric scooter. Easier to run people over."

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