Monday, July 18, 2005

J Has a Cold

Poor little guy! He just keeps snuffling, sneezing and coughing away. He's really quite stuffed up. And he's all turned around for time, since he's been sleeping more yesterday and today (I assume trying to fight off his cold). Right now, he thinks it's play time rather than bed time. It doesn't matter that he's in his pajamas in the bassinet with the lights off; it is play time, and Mommy is nearby, and she is expected to play with him. He's wide awake, kicking away, shaking his little arms over his head, and having a grand old time of it. Every so often, I try to tuck his blanket in around him; he promptly kicks it off - what a fun game it is! In despair, I have left the room in hopes of encouraging him to go to sleep. I am hoping that, when I return to bed, he will be sleeping peacefully. Sometimes it works, but I don't know if that will happen tonight. He's reeeeeally active.

I hope he goes to sleep soon. I'd really like to get some sleep tonight, and I can't sleep when he's beside me kicking, flailing and talking to himself. Does not work.

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