Saturday, July 02, 2005

What a Difference!

J awoke this morning with smiles and coos, talking to himself, kicking his chubby little legs, all ready to face the day. He was squirmy and he felt wet, so I went to change him. He smiled and played through his diaper change and getting all dressed for the day, and he ate his breakfast without any issues of spit-up, tears, length of time, or pain for mommy. He's so happy now, I just can't believe this is the same baby. He's so much more fun!

Yesterday, we took him to the Canada Day Parade. He wasn't interested at all, but we had fun. J pretty much just slept.

I have my Weight Watchers meeting this morning. It's odd; it's a really good program, but it's not motivating me to take off the weight. I'm sure I'd lose the weight if I'd follow the program, but I just seem to lack any drive to do it. So this week, I am determined to get motivated and start doing something about it. I'm not happy with how I look at this weight, and I'd like to have a more healthy and active lifestyle just for the sake of my own health. So I'm going to try to take my eyes off the scale, and H and I are going to work together to be more healthy and active. We're going to eat from the Weight Watchers "Core" plan, which means we will get to eat a wide variety of healthy foods that we like. H, who has no weight problems at all, will just eat more of those healthy nutritious foods than will I. Foods like pop, chips and chocolate will become occasional treats for both of us rather than dietary staples.

This is my goal. And now that J isn't so crabby all the time, I may be able to take more time with meal preparation and not have to constantly hunt for some pre-packaged convenience food that I can eat with a sobbing baby in my arms. This should help. Hopefully by changing to this healthy lifestyle, the pounds will come off as well.

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