Friday, July 15, 2005


Tonight, I made a shrimp stir fry. It was quite yummy. But I forgot to rinse out the pan before we went out. We got home, and the entire house smells of shrimp. I like shrimp, but it's not a pleasant odor.

On another note, we went on a house hunt in the southeast. Disheartening. Of the 10 homes for sale that were in our price range: 2 were sold, 5 were pending, 1 (just listed this morning, I might add) had an offer and counteroffer situation happening on it, leaving only 2 houses to view. They were both icky. We also checked out the one with the offer in place and it was really nice, but was located right on a really busy street, and the traffic noise was astonishing. So it didn't seem appropriate to get into a bidding war with another potential buyer, especially when we're not sure the southeast is the right area for us in any event.


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