Friday, July 29, 2005

The Evasive Sleep

Can't sleep. Should sleep. Can't sleep.

H snores peacefully. J kicks and squirms, fighting sleep, though his beautiful little eyes are closing, closing, closing. Downstairs, the dryer works on a load of diapers. I can't hear it from up here, but I know it is working. Faith is a beautiful thing.

Cat insists I pet her, since I'm up anyway. She is slightly dehydrated; I must pick up a fluid bag tomorrow (today, I suppose) so she'll be sure to remain hydrated through the long weekend ahead. Five years since she got sick, and she's still with us. But vet bills are astronomical on a long weekend, so must take precautions.

So tired. So very tired. Can't sleep.

I should throw out my computer; I waste more time here...

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