Friday, July 08, 2005

Another Sign

Today, I passed the following sign:

I'm not sure who is expected to have fun; me or the donkeys. Anyone who has experienced a "Miniature Donkey Fun Day" is encouraged to let me know.

(Sidebar - Received the following comments:)

from mejonesutarzan: "My favorite sign is on the Casa Loma campus at George Brown in Toronto. It simply says "no littering children below."

from dottie_parker: "As long as the donkeys had fun on their miniature days, I'm happy."

response to dottie from T: "What's really funny is that I asked H 'What is it that's miniature? The donkey, the fun, or the days?'

I'm glad someone thinks like me!"

response to T from dottie: "It's all about the punctuation, baby!"

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