Sunday, July 17, 2005

Good Day

I had a really good day today. J was in good spirits and played for a bit this morning. He even seemed to enjoy his swing briefly. H and I went to visit va1kyrie and gsimian for awhile this afternoon. It was a good visit, and we got some more very nice clothes for the ever-growing J (who must be over 10 pounds by now - I'll get him weighed this week to make sure). It's lots of fun to hang out with good friends. We took a catmint plant over with us and gave it to them. I hope they enjoy it. I believe we have three more chunks yet to dig out of the garden and give away. (The main plant seeded last fall while I was on bed rest, so we have extra patches of it this year.)

Then we went to C's (H's brother) 40th birthday bash. C's girlfriend, L, put on the party. It was a good time. C got a bit drunk, but that just made him funny and jovial. He's a good drunk, and a heck of a nice guy. But then J got an upset stomach, and he threw up on - well, pretty well everyone, but mostly me. We left early, because there was cigar smoking on the patio outside of L's, and I can't tolerate smoke (it sets off my asthma something fierce); even from inside the house it affected me. But before we left, we got some potentially great news. I hope for officially wonderful news soon, and am waiting eagerly.

We came home, and the shrimp smell was finally out of the house. (It still smells a bit musty for some reason, but no longer shrimpy.)

J is asleep in his carseat, and we will wake him soon for feeding, changing and then a proper bed down for the night in the bassinet. (H is very tired, but he is not confusing the baby with the cat tonight.) Soon, we will have to move J from his bassinet to his crib, but not just yet. I can still enjoy him being right beside me in the bassinet. I love him so much!

What a darling little boy we have.

I am feeling very blessed tonight. I have a wonderful husband, great friends, a fun and generous family, a beautiful home (and garden), and a sweet dear little child. What more could anyone ask for in life? Yes indeed; I feel very blessed.

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