Monday, October 06, 2008

Swing low sweet chariot

And the saga of last week's post continues.

Don't you hate it when the ridiculously necessary baby swing's motor dies at 4:00 on a Sunday afternoon and the stores close at 5:00, and you've got family in from out of town who are visting with you while the baby refuses to quiet because he misses his swing, so your husband packs up your over tired 3-year old and heads to the store to hunt for a replacement baby swing and he finds a sweet deal on a travel swing and, after confirming with you that you can get the baby out of the shorter swing even while you are laid up with your broken knee, he buys the new very cute travel swing and brings it home where he discovers several more family members who have all shown up to visit, and then he decides to noisily put the new swing together with the help of the crazed 3-year old who tries his very best to scratch up your laminate flooring with the metal pieces of the new swing which takes C-batteries whereas the old swing took D-batteries and you have no C-batteries in the house, so your husband buys new C-batteries and installs them in the new travel swing and then discovers that the brand new swing doesn't work, and it's now after 5:00 and the stores are closed, so you make a few frantic phone calls and round up a working replacement swing that you can buy and that can be picked up that night, but it's out of town, so after dropping off the visiting family member at her hotel you all head off to pick up the new swing which it turns out was being stored in a shed with a lawnmower and smelled so strongly of oil that the nice folks who are providing it to you became concerned and sprayed it with Febreze and, after getting it home, you discover that you are apparently allergic to Febreze and you end up with a migraine headache from the smell, so you try to mask the odour with lime air freshener and then put the baby in the seat, where he fusses, and when you pull him out you find that both the swing and the baby now smell like a combination of oil, Febreze, and lime, which combination actually seems to worsen your migraine, and so you have to strip off all the fabric from the new swing and use the seat covers and mobile attachments from the old swing, but then you notice that the smell is also firmly embeded in the swing's security straps, which are not interchangeable, and so while the smell no longer annoys the baby anywhere near as much, it still gives you a pretty nasty headache, such that you cannot read your textbook and get caught up on the course in which you are already a week and a half behind?

Right. Me too.

You can still play too.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay..I was reading this in my Google Reader and told myself that I needed to come over and tell you to enter my contest...and already had!

You see..>I can't view my blog at work, but I can view my google reader...really weird I know! lol!

binks said...

I know that was not really suppose to be funny because unconsolable crying babies are not fun, but it made me giggle a little thinking about it and knowing that I have so been there, about 18 years ago, but had no husband to do the store thing and all the craziness.

jenboglass said...

Well, at least your house didn't flood. Mine didn't or anything, but seriously, I think the non-flooding or not having a small gas fire is the only thing you may have going for you at this moment. You know the saying, "After the smoke clears..."? They should come up with one for Febreez too.

Kritta22 said...

Oh the drama! I'm so sorry!

Trish said...

Shelle - shame you can't view your blog. Nobody's voting for me over there. I guess I'm the only one who really relates to this.

Binks - Oh no; it's supposed to be funny. My husband is great for stuff like this. I feel badly that you didn't have help when these things happened to you.

Jen - No. No fires or floods. Yet. It's just a comedy of errors, isn't it? And I hate Febreze!

Kritta - It's just fine, really. If the Febreze smell will only leave the house, swing, and baby, I'm sure my headache will then go away. I really hope so, anyway. Hurts like the devil!

T said...

... oh I'm feeling for you :)
wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog last week (it's taken me awhile to return the favor because my week has been similar to yours... I'll blog about it sometime when I can muster the energy) but it sounds like what you need is a good afternoon at the spa!

Trish said...

Y'know, I do need an afternoon at the spa! I wish I could swing it ... but I have no time. Maybe someday.

Thanks for dropping by.