Monday, September 29, 2008

Rotten day

Don't you hate it when you're laid up with a broken knee that you got when you fell down the stairs after tripping over the cat in a bizarre laundry-related incident, and your generally happy 4-month old chooses this moment to start cutting teeth, and the Tylenol doesn't make him feel much better and the Orajel doesn't last long enough, and you can't figure out how else to soothe him because what he really likes is movement, but you can't pick him up and carry him around because you're on crutches and you just don't have that many hands or that much coordination, so you put him in his swing to try to soothe him only to discover that the swing batteries are now dead and the swing will no longer rock in the particular rhythm to which your 4-month old has become accustomed and no other rhythm will pacify him, and you can't fix this because all of the batteries are kept in an inconveniently situated cupboard that you can't easily get to with the crutches, and they're also in a heavy case so that, even if you could get to it, you can't pick it up and sort through it while on the crutches because of the aforementioned lack of hands and coordination, and so you can't keep your 4-month old happy no matter what you do, so you just have to try to keep smiling and crooning to him in soothing tones while he screams directly in your ear in a piercing tone that sounds like some kind of demented whale in heat while your cat tears around the house like a bat-out-of-hell making bizarre noises as he tries to catch that one housefly that just won't die?

Yeah. Me too.

Wanna play?


Amy Prather said...

Love it! Popped by from blokthoughts... I'm Soap Box Amy... And yes, I laughed at the idiot who knocked himself silly with his FABULOUS dance moves! :) Keep the faith - Crutches won't last forever, but the wounds in your armpits they leave behind last a while... lol

binks said...

I hate when that happens!

Holy clothesline Batman, I have been exactly there. Same story, 18 years ago.
Crutches, stairs, laundry, screaming infant.
I feel your pain!

Slayde said...

Wow...I feel it pain...I was laughing though because it sounds so unreal! Nice!

Thanks so much for playing!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

sorry slayde is another account but still me!

Kritta22 said...

Oh you are a tough cookie!
FYI You can alternate motrin infant and Tylenol every three hours. It should help the pain.
I hope tomorrow is better!!

jenboglass said...

Whooosh. That's the sound of me letting my breath out. I love this rant! I am so going to go read it again to see if I can get through it in one breath. Awesome.

Trish said...

Amy - The guy kicking himself in the head was hilarious, no? No armpit wounds yet; I'm sure that will come.

Binks - I can't believe you've experienced it too! Well, misery loves company. Thanks for sharing in my strife!

Shell/Slayde - Glad to have provided a laugh. That was the goal ... it's always funny when it happens to someone else, isn't it?

Kritta - I forgot to mention that I'd run out of Motrin earlier. Totally sucked! Today was a bit better. Thank you for the good wishes.

Jen - I'm glad you enjoyed the rant. I aim to please!

Thanks to you all for stopping by and posting comments. I appreciate it!

georgie said...

LMAo...i am sorry to laugh at your misery but it was funny....I feel for ya if that makes ya feel any better...

I am visiting from blokthoughts contest i am playin too

Trish said...

Hey Georgie. Thanks for visiting.

Fun game, isn't it? I'm glad the rant made you laugh. It actually made me laugh too; the whole day was just so ridiculous, there wasn't another feasible option really.