Monday, October 13, 2008

A little knight music

J likes to pretend that I'm a princess. He calls me "Princess Mommy". And then I get him to perform all the household chores, 'cause I'm royalty and he is my willing servant. Don't judge me. You're just jealous that you didn't think of it first. Shut up.

Actually, at these times, I call him "Sir J". And he usually builds things for me. Like tall towers of blocks. "This is your tower, Princess Mommy", he'll say. And then I'm supposed to live in the tower. Just like Princess Fiona from Shrek. Only without the dragon. (We do have a scary-assed dragon, and I asked him about it, but he said the dragon does not guard Princess Mommy's tower.)

Today, J decided that he would use his Fisher Price violin to make beautiful music for Princess Mommy. He played several songs, and I liked them all. I expressed appropriately demure Princess-like appreciation at the end of every number. But when I asked if I could hire him as the Royal Music Man, he declined. I assume this kind of employ would interfere with Sir J's artistic integrity.


Wyrd's Little sister said...

That is soo sweet!

Evi said...

I wish that my kids still thought I was a I'm more of a donkey, I laugh at at get annoyed with...sigh!

steenky bee said...

Hey, where's the Panda? Also, you're fortunate that your little man calls you pricess. I sometimes have to wash out my son's mouth after he calls me something. Although, once, we were watching TV and Penelope Cruz came on. Henry said, "Look Mommy, there's you. She looks like you." I was in heaven for days, I tell you!

Momma Trish said...

WLS - I agree. He's a little sweetie at those times.

Evi - Oh good. Something to look forward to as the kids age. (Sigh!) Thanks for visiting!

Steenky - Well, that's quite the compliment! Congratulations on that one. This is an odd shot of J without his treasured Panda. I think Panda may have still been up in J's bed.