Thursday, October 02, 2008

Did someone sue, sue, sue da-you?

This sign, brought to you by our legal department.

Let's see. Are there any times that we missed? What if there's a full moon? With a tornado warning? When the sun is in the third house of Jupiter? And the Shrine Circus is in town? During the Indy 500?

Or would that still fall under "Normal Days"?


jenboglass said...

Okay, first, sorry to spam your blog with comments. Second, If I could reach out and high-five you for the Phil Collins nod I would. Only I'm trying to cut down on my high fives. It's all about the knuckle bump now. And third, I've had a long held belief that it's never a good idea to swim in an open body of water when a Shriner's Circus in town. But that's just me.

Howard said...

First, your comments are NOT spam!! We love receiving comments here. Keep 'em coming! Second, Phil Collins is awesome. And third, I don't think there's really anything wrong with swimming in open bodies of water when the Shriners are in town, as long as you're not wearing a fez at the time.

Nice to see ya!