Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smashing pumpkins - part deux

Yesterday, I carved a Jack-o-lantern. It was my very first attempt at carving a Jack-o-lantern, and I think it turned out rather well. I posted about the experience here.

We took no photos of the carving being undertaken, because ... well, read about it and you'll see why. But some people will accept no such excuses. Some people demand that photos be posted. *

Yes, I am speaking of you, Georgie.

Georgie is a total sweetheart. She writes Decisionally Challenged. She is presently organizing a bloggers Secret Santa exchange (I can't participate, being a foreigner and all, but still). And she specifically requested pictures of my masterpiece.

So here you go, Georgie. I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

Here is the Jack-o-lantern.

He was so darned cute, we had to see what he would look like all lit up. So here he is.

J loves the Jack-o-lantern, and treats him like a new friend. He insists on giving the Jack-o-lantern hugs and kisses. And he wants the Jack-o-lantern to sit on the living room floor and play with him. J is eager to share all of his toys and stuffed animals with his new friend.

Sure, it's cute now. But J will be heartbroken when his friend gets all mushy, as veggies are wont to do in time. And we'll hear about it for months.

J: Where's my Jack-o-lantern?
H/T: We had to throw him away, J. He's at the dump.
J: Oh noooooo! (sob) What will I dooooooo?

We are getting used to these kinds of discussions. Sadly, they occur all too frequently. J seems to get quite attached to inanimate objects, and he has trouble letting go when it is time to part.

* Okay. In all fairness, Georgie didn't so much "demand" as "politely request". And I did say I'd probably post photos. And I totally would have done it anyway, because the pictures are cool. But I wanted to link to Georgie, and this approach worked well.


Anonymous said...

Cute punkin.

georgie said...

LMAO!!! AWwww Shucks TY for the pix! The pumpkin looks Great...I especially like it when it's lit up...
I hope to get some pics up later this week of my hole-EEe creation

La Pixie said...

I love the pumpkin!

I get attached to my jackolaterns, too. I make other people dispose of them so they will forever be happy jacks in my memory. HA

iMommy said...

that looks awesome!

Momma Trish said...

TattooedMinivanMom - Thanks!

georgie - Glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing your pumpkin pictures too!

La Pixie - Thanks. I'm glad to know J is not alone in his attachment issues!

iMommy - Thanks! We like it.

Michelle said...

Super cute pumpkin......but I can't believe it was your first.

Momma Trish said...

Michelle - Thanks! It was indeed the very first Jack-o-lantern I have ever carved. Those pumpkin carving kits they sell at the grocery are all that!