Friday, October 03, 2008

Those magic moments

He screams. He cries. He wants to be held. Changed. Fed. Then, and only then, will He drift off into peaceful slumber. If He so chooses.

He appears in all respects to be a normal baby. But He has a special gift. A sixth sense, if you will. His instincts tell him when Mommy has opened Textbook. Such an indignity is this that it requires instant awakening, screaming, and demanding of the cuddles.

Yes, his nemesis is named Textbook, and the subservient Mommy shall not venture too near the heinous beast lest it eat her. Or something.

Thus, Mommy is not permitted to do her module 3 readings, and no further assignments shall be completed. He has so decreed it. He is unable to provide a note for school, as He can neither read nor write.

Suck it up, Mommy. Thou shalt not prevail.


This kind of thing is a significant part of my life just now. But you know what makes it all worthwhile? It's those special heartfelt moments. Those wonderous and magical times. Like when you lie down, and the baby lies on top of you, tummy to tummy, and he looks down at you, gazing deep into your eyes, his little face full of love, and then he throws up right into your mouth.

That's the kind of precious memory that's all kinds of awesomeness. But you know what would be even better? That's right; no vomit!

He means business!


Rhea said...

Oh, my, he's just adorable. I love his sixth sense, although I'm sure it's not so amusing to you at the moment. And, boy, I'd forgotten those lovely throw up moments. I've been on the receiving end of a few of those. NOT cool. But, baby moments are wonderful.

He's precious!!

jenboglass said...

How cute is he? Throw up in your mouth cute, that's how cute he is! But isn't it strange? If I could pick anyone else to throw up in my mouth, besides me, it would be one of my kids.

Trish said...

Rhea - Thanks! We like him. Though I could certainly live without the sixth sense and puking.

Jen - Yeah, it makes it marginally better when it's one of our own kids doing it. But it's still not good. Even though he's cute, it's still not good.

georgie said...

awwwww he is adorable-and YES he does mean biz-that is evident!!!

I saw your Q...and I am not sure i can explain it...first you gotta use blogger in draft-do you do that? then you gotta go to settings in your dashboard and tick off where it says "Comment Form Placement Full page
Pop-up window
Embedded below post" click embedded below post....does that make sense?

Trish said...

Hey Georgie. You explained it beautifully. Thanks! (I didn't even know there was such a thing as blogger in draft ... learn something new every day, huh?)

anymommy said...

No mommy, thou shalt not prevail. Who could prevail against that cuteness?

Trish said...

Hey anymommy.

Well, he is pretty cute. But if I don't some time with Textbook, I will flunk my course. Some compromise must be reached.