Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How much is that doggie costume in the window?

I've got a couple of photographer friends. They have a great eye, and sometimes they get some really beautiful shots. Oriana Bella, for example, has several pictures that I would just love to have framed and hung on my wall. My favourite to date is this amazing shot she took of three pigeons perched on an electrical wire. The lighting is perfect; birds and wire in glorious silhouette against an overcast sky. I've never seen anything quite like it. (I don't really want to link to it here because of, you know, copyrights and stuff. So you'll just have to trust me that it is gorgeous.)

Oriana also really loves taking abstract shots, which can be quite breathtaking. And sometimes, she photographs amazing oddities.

She recently managed to nab this picture (reproduced here with her permission). Apparently, she got in trouble for taking a picture of an item for sale in a store. But seriously. How could she possibly have resisted this?

This crazy Halloween costume, designed to be worn by a dog, is clearly geared toward proponents of overkill. For many people dress their dogs up as hotdogs. And pumpkins are, of course, a traditional Halloween costume. So someone evidently thought ... why not combine two great ideas into one, and dress your dog up as both?

Now, I know that Cute Overload and Martha Stewart have teamed up to run a Pet Halloween Costume Contest. But seriously? Would you put this crazy outfit on your dog? Even for Cute Overload and Martha?

"This Halloween, Bowser is going as a pumpkin wearing a hotdog costume."

The pumpkin wasn't Halloweenish enough all by itself? The pumpkin needed its own costume, did it? Does this seem like a realistic costume choice? Does anyone ever make a point of getting a special Halloween costume made, just for their pumpkin to wear? And if so, how did such a person end up with a great abundance of cash to spend on outfitting a pumpkin, when said person clearly has absolutely no common sense whatsoever? And since this person has such a great abundance of cash and lack of common sense, do you think he or she might lend me five bucks? How 'bout fifty?

Your thoughts?


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OMYGOSH...that is to funny! The only dog I would put that on is a weiner dog...that would be perfect! :)

steenky bee said...

Are you kidding me? Wha? I've kind of always wanted to put our chocolate lab in a tutu just because he's so muscular that I think he would look awesome.

Also? You want in on the street gang? Did you see Stiletto Mom called you out/invited you, among others in the comments on my post today. Yeah, all you have to do is talk some smack and then Heinous comes along and he's all "good cop". It's awesome to give him smack over at his site. Happy smackin!

Anonymous said...

My dog's gonna be a biker babe for Halloween. His name is Stanley.

Momma Trish said...

Shelle - The hotdog is perfect for a weiner dog. But what of the pumpkin?

steenky bee - The big dog in the tutu would be cute! I'm fine with dressing up pets ... this particular costume is just so weird, though. Thanks for alerting me to Stiletto Mom's comment. I probably would have missed it otherwise.

TattooedMinivanMom - Oh, that will be a cute costume! I look forward to seeing pictures.

rachel said...

Out of curiousity, where might one purchase such a costume? I'm not asking for ME, of course, but I have this friend...

rachel said...

OMG, the jumbled words showed up!! I can comment! I can comment!! It feels like I was mute before and now I can speak!

Momma Trish said...

Rachel - Glad the jumbled words have forgiven you. ;) As to where one might purchase the costume ... somewhere in Vancouver would be my bet, but I don't know the exact location of the store. (Please don't dress your dog up as a pumpkin in a hotdog suit ... poor puppy would never forgive you.)