Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ooo knows how to make love stay

J has decided that one of his favourite songs is "Who Knows How to Make Love Stay" (by Doug & the Slugs). We have it on CD. Every time it comes on, J says:

J: And what do we remember about this song?
H: That we can't turn the car off until it's over.
J: That's RIGHT!

Seriously. If you turn the car off at the wrong time, J will pitch a fit. A longstanding, high volume, sounds like you're torturing POWs, McFit. Most unpleasant.

J rarely gets song titles right, preferring instead to refer to songs by whatever name most appeals to him. This one, he calls "Help Me 4". He likes to sing along:

"Ooo knows how to make love stay
Help me 4 ... that's a way
That's the quest ... on a day
Ooo knows how to make love stay"

J is always busy learning and imagining. He's getting pretty good at both, as can be seen by these recent discussions that have taken place in our household. (J has a very expressive voice; hence the italics.)

J: When the angler fish in Nemo gets angry, he gets angular.

J: Are I awake?
H: Yes.
J: When I go to bed, I'll be sleeping. And snoring.

J: Did you go to the potty?
H: Yes.
J: Yay!! Now you can go to the preschoolers' room!!

T: Got your nose.
J: Give it back to me.
T: No. I'm gonna keep it.
J: But I need my nose. It's where I get my boogers from.

As an aside, when our car stereo is set to "radio", the display shows the current song title and artist. Often incorrectly. The display apparently believes this song is called "Who knows how to make love?" By Doug.

Doug: If you don't know the answer, we really can't help you. Perhaps you could find some tips via your friendly neighbourhood adult bookstore.


Captain Dumbass said...

J is my new buddy because that is an awesome song!

steenky bee said...

Right on J! I wish my son would learn that song. It's awesome. Instead, *sigh* he's in an Avril Lavine stage of life. He shouts something constantly about not liking someone's girlfriend. *another sigh*

Momma Trish said...

CDA - It is an awesome song, isn't it? Doug & the Slugs was a great band.

Steenky - I'm kind of surprised you even know the song. Do you guys get Canadian music? Sorry about the Avril Lavine thing. That would really drive me nuts. Could be worse, though. Right?