Sunday, September 07, 2008

You're a strange animal

J wanted a McDonald's breakfast and some time at Playland this morning. I complied.

We got in line for breakfast, J clutching his treasured Panda tightly. That's when J appeared to change his mind.

J: I want a donut!
H: No, J. We're at McDonald's.
J: I want a donut from Timmy's!

This brought shrieks of laughter from the people in line behind us. It also resulted in the following conversation:

Lady: They've taught you well.
J: This is my Panda.
L: Oh. And does he eat donuts?
J: No.
L: Oh. What does he eat?
J: Bamboo.
L: And then what?
J: And then he burps.
L: And then what?
J: And then he pees.

A stuffed panda bear. That eats, burps, and pees. Ah, Panda. You're a strange animal, indeed.

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