Monday, September 22, 2008

People just love to play

Specifically, I just love to play.

I have now found a fix for the expandable post summaries issue. Makes for a nice compromise. So from now on, longer posts will be partially hidden behind a "Read more" link, while shorter posts will be fully displayed. Less clicking required for you, the reader, while still keeping the main page reasonably tidy. It makes me happy.

On a related note, what of this new background? See, on my computer, the background is showing with a stitched white border on either side, links on the left, entries in the middle, and additional information and blog navigation tools on the right. I hope it shows up the same way for everyone else who looks at the blog. Some people have told me that it does. But one friend tells me that on her screen, the left side links are kind of chopped up by the border.

This leads me to wonder: How does it look on your machine? You've got to tell me, or I'll not know. So your feedback would be much appreciated.


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