Sunday, September 07, 2008

These dreams

My drug-addled brain cannot cope. Passed out in the late part of the morning, I had a dream. It switched fluidly from topic to topic. But I cannot understand how that worked. It was incredibly odd.


I was in my house. But my upstairs main bathroom was about ten times its actual size. And it was a combination bathroom/laundry room. The cats had been locked in this room with their litterbox and water dish. H and I were getting ready to go out. H told me that N's carseat was up in that bathroom. I walked up the stairs and opened the door to find the cats playing on the washer/dryer and N's carseat in a far corner. Every available surface was covered with dirty cat litter. And that is when it occurred to me that I was not wearing my leg brace or carrying my crutches, and had made it all the way up the stairs without my broken knee bothering me. Instead of rejoicing, I decided I'd best hide this from H so that he wouldn't get mad at me for putting full weight on the broken leg when I was prohibited from doing so. I grabbed the carseat, closed the door, and scooted down the stairs on my butt, obediently not putting weight on my knee.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I found myself on the main floor of my parents' house. H and J were not there. N and my mom were sleeping in her room. I grabbed my computer and started working on my project. I glanced out the window and spotted a funnel cloud. Before my very eyes, it changed into a full-blown tornado. It was dangerously near the house. I went into my mom's room, grabbed N, woke up mom, and we all ran into the basement. Out basement windows, we watched a number of tornadoes in various sizes wreak havoc around us. None of them harmed my parents' house. I went into one of the rooms briefly, and discovered that my brother, R, was living there. The basement had been redesigned for him. R came out of his bedroom and asked where the hardwood flooring was. (Note: By this, he would have been referring to the flooring that is presently in my kitchen, waiting to be laid down in the basement. But at this point, we're still in my parents' house.) I told R that the flooring was in my kitchen, but R corrected me. R told me that the flooring was outside, getting rained on. The tornadoes had passed, so I decided to go out and check on the flooring. I went upstairs and out the front door.

I found myself back at my own house, on my front veranda. There was a box of flooring, but it only contained a few sample pieces. The main hardwood flooring boxes were still safely in my kitchen. But for some reason, my fridge was on the veranda. And some strange man was trying to make the fridge's water dispenser work. He figured out the locking mechanism and managed to get a glass of water. And then, he wandered into the house.

I followed the stranger into my house, and found myself in a large open space entirely comprised of the kitchen and bathroom, which is not quite the layout of my house. H was inside, as was my mother-in-law. The stranger began performing some kind of mental assessment on my mother-in-law and was asking her all kinds of questions. We tried to stop him, but we couldn't. She fainted from the stress. I went into the bathroom to get a cold towel for her.

Inside the bathroom, I heard H upstairs, putting J to bed. Cuddling J, and singing "Baby Mine". Soft and gentle. Calm and sweet. Such a beautiful lullaby.


I awoke as H and J returned from playing at McDonald's. I was momentarily disoriented, as H and J had just been upstairs getting J ready for bed and it had just been night. But suddenly, afternoon sun streamed through my windows, and J was very awake.

I wonder what would have happened next had my dream been allowed to continue.

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