Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Roll over, Babe N-Man


Today, N rolled over for the first time. He was lying on his back, getting changed. And then he started moving. He got up on his right side, and just started kicking his feet and grabbing with his left hand. He was almost there and couldn't quite get his right arm out from under him. He got really frustrated, but he kept trying and eventually, he managed to get his right arm free and found himself completely on his tummy.

Unlike when J rolled over for the first time, the entire family was standing by to celebrate N's amazing feat. J clapped louder than anyone, and then gave N a big hug.

We rolled N back over onto his back, and he got mad about it. He immediately rolled over again. In fact, he rolled over three times in succession.

N is pretty ticked off that he can't do much once he gets on his tummy. He's trying pretty hard to propel himself across the room. All in good time, sweet man!

Tonight, N will get moved into his crib. He is now too mobile for the basinette. While I am very happy that I got to see N roll over for the first time, I am still kind of sad about other things. For starters, until the knee heals up a bit better, I am living on the main floor of the house. So I will miss being in the room for N's first night in the crib. And then, of course, there's the whole "My baby's growing up!" thing - irrational as it is, new milestones are always bittersweet for me.

Anyway, yes. N rolled over for the first time tonight. And it has now been documented for posterity. Way to go, N!!

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