Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We don't need no education!

Well, my first assignment for school is due on September 25th. I'm a little concerned about it. Because I'm already behind in my schoolwork. The first assignment covers the first two modules, and each module takes about a week to complete. And there is a whole extra section devoted to a review of essential concepts, which I really need to get through before I start the modules. I started it yesterday and hope to complete it tonight.

So you see the problem, don't you? It is presently the 17th. It will take about two weeks to get through the first two modules and complete the assignment, which means I should be done around October 1st. But it's due on September 25th. Oh ... crap ...

I wrote in to the Association and explained my situation. Broke knee, surgery, hospital, blah blah blah, painkillers, foggy mind, yadda yadda, behind in course. They've given me a one-week extension for the first two assignments, so I can buy some time to catch up. Thank God!

But nonetheless, I am irritated with the Association. Both at the provincial and national levels.

At the provincial level, I am irritated that the Association no longer sends out pat-on-the-back letters to students who have achieved the highest grade in a course in a semester. It seems ridiculous to me that they would not acknowledge our achievements, as they once did. And it quite annoys me. But it's a fairly small thing. I'll get over it.

My annoyance at the federal level is more pronounced. The Association has reduced our printed materials. Instead of providing us with a text and the printed, bound copies of course lesson notes, they are now providing only the text. The lesson notes, which are an integral part of a course and are fully examinable, are now available online only. In html and pdf formats. So if a student needs a printed copy, said student has to arrange to get the pdf version printed and bound. My course has roughly 600 pages of lesson notes. I can't properly learn 600 pages of lesson notes without having a printed copy; I just don't absorb as much when I read from a computer screen. Hunched over my computer, reading accounting theory with intense concentration, and maintaining any of what I have just read. Can't fold down pages of note. Can't highlight key passages. Can't make notes in the margins.

Lesson notes? We don't need no stinkin' lesson notes!

Yeah. Sure.

An online format is okay for light reading, but not for 600 pages of management accounting theory and procedure! So I had to get these things printed myself. As did every other student in my class, all across Canada; I know, because we have discussed it in the online forum. Do you know how much it cost to get the lesson notes printed? And bound? Double-sided? In black-and-white?

Eighty freakin' dollars!!!

And yet, my tuition for the year has nearly doubled, and course fees have increased too. Thanks a lot!

I sent off hate mail the appropriately worded response, to tell these moronic losers the decision-makers that I hate them and will be firebombing all their homes and offices as appropriate payback how disappointed I am with this incredible idiocy new development. I hope they will remove their heads from their asses and revert to the previous policy in future years.

At least I got my assignment extensions. Now, I should be able to meet the deadlines.

I sure hope so anyway.

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